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SEM Model 0100 Sledgehammer Manual HDD Crusher

This hard drive crusher from SEM provides manual operation that requires no power. Hard drives are crushed within 5 seconds using six tons of crushing force. This manual hard drive crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type.

Hard Drive Crusher to Destroy Hard Drives | VS Security

What is a Hard Drive and why use a Hard Drive Crusher? A Hard drive (sometimes abbreviated as HD or HDD) is a non-volatile memory hardware device which permanently stores and retrieves information.There are many variations, but their sizes are generally 3.5" and 2.5" for desktop and laptop computers respectively.

HDD Crushers - SITES

SITES HDDC-A Automatic Hard Drive Crusher is a powerhouse that effectively and securely destroys all hard drives regardless of size, format, or type up to 1.85″ high including desktop, laptop, and server drives.

Hard Drive Crushers, Punchers & Destroyers - Whitaker

The hard drive shredders offer powerful cutting heads that transform hard drives, as well as other assorted types of material, into microscopic pieces. Whatever the case, this selection of crushers, punchers and destroyers are sure to securely annihilate hard drives.

eDR Solutions - Hard Disk Destruction

The Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) ... One customer informs us that they destroyed over 9000 drives in a month, and another customer destroyed over 800 drives in day. The Hard Disk Crusher is durable and transportable. You can put it in your vehicle and take it from one location to another. ... The destruction chamber is made of case hardened steel ...

eDR Solutions - Hard Disk Destruction

Hard Disk Destruction You've got sensitive information on a hard disk that requires decommissioning. Every day you hear more about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain your private information.

Destroy Hard Drives with Crunch 250 Crusher - Verity Systems

The Crunch 250 HDD crusher is a powerful and fast SSD and hard drive destroyer which renders a wide range of storage devices unusable. Simple and safe to operate, destruction of media is guaranteed.

Hard drive crushing - YouTube

Oct 02, 2012· Playing with the new hard drive crusher at work.

PDS-100 Hard Drive Crusher: Hard Drive Destruction With Ease

The Proton PDS-100 Hard Drive Crusher is NSA/CSS Evaluated and Listed for destruction of 1″, .65″, 1.65″ & Laptop Hard Drives. The PDS-100 Hard Drive Crusher takes physical hard drive destruction one step further than the PDS-75 by providing an automatic, motor driven operation.

Hard drive crushing | On site hard drive destruction

Hard Drive Crushing. Pure Planet Recycling offer the service of hard drive crushing and on site hard drive destruction to permanently destroy and recycle your redundant hard drives. By physically crushing the hard drive, you can be sure that your drive is …

Ruffles Hard Drive Crusher (HDCRUSHER) | ShreddingMachines ...

The Hard Drive Disk Crusher has an adjustable non-jamming plunger to accommodate both standard 2.5/3.5'' laptop and 5.5'' PC drives, and a second adjustable position can even accommodate most thicker high-profile Server drives.

Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher - Data Dev

Hard Drive Destroyer. The Model 0101 HD Hard Drive Crusher is a physical data security machine that will physically destroy any computer hard drive up to 1.65" in height, regardless of the drive's formatting in only 10 seconds.

Pure Leverage - Hard Drive Crusher

Product Information. The Pure Leverage hard Drive Crusher destroys the enclosure, but most importantly bends the disks. Even a small amount of bend prevents the read/write heads from ever "flying" over the surface of the media without gouging.

MediaVise Hard Drive Crusher | Physical Destruction ...

Watch how the MediaVise hard drive crusher uses its patented crushing plates to deliver 40,000 pounds of force to a drive in less than a minute. Watch how the MediaVise hard drive crusher uses its patented crushing plates to deliver 40,000 pounds of force to a drive in less than a minute.

Drive Crushers - Home

Who should "crush" a hard drive through Drive Crushers? Anyone with private information that has even been stored on a computer such as tax returns, pictures, videos, resumes, letters, emails, passwords, social security numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers or bank account information.

Crushers & Destroyers | Physical Destruction Solutions ...

The Model 0101 HDD "crusher" destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type up to 1.85" High including Desktop, Laptop and Server Drives. Download the Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher Product Sheet / See the Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher in action

Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher -

This hard drive crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of size, format or type up to 1.85″ high including desktop, laptop and server drives. The Model 0101 hard drive crusher is an ideal way to meet the destroy mandate as part of the DoD's Degauss and Destroy specification.

Manual Hard Drive Crusher | Crusher Mills, Cone Crusher ...

SEM Sledgehammer 0101 Hard Drive Crusher – Trendshredders … This hard drive "crusher" destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, … Sledgehammer Manual Hard Drive Crusher $1,473.24 $1,064.00. All prices are in USD.

Data Destruction | Hard Drive Destroyer - Phiston Technologies

Phiston Technologies, Inc. is a leading scientific research, development, engineering and manufacturing company, registered in the State of Florida. Our company is an innovator in data security, introducing unique and patented data destruction products, hard drive data destruction such as the MediaVise®, the MediaVise® Compact, and the ...

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Destroy hard drive with the degausser wand or drive crusher. All our equipment is designed to meet NSA, DoD and HIPAA standards.

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equipment hard drive crusher illustration. SUAMG Machinery is professional mineral processing equipment manufacturer in the world, not our equipment has the excellent quality, but also our product service is very thorough.

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If there is a time-gap between pick-up of the equipment and the actual physical destruction of it, a hard drive crusher can be used on-site as a security tactic to render the drives inoperable in the meantime.

Destroyers and Crushers | Ontrack

Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Destroyers & Crushers After secure degaussing, using a hard drive or SSD destroyer or crusher is the best way to securely destroy all data on a hard drive. 855.558.3856 Erasure solutions quote

eDR Solutions - eDR HDC Hard Drive Crushers #EDRHDC

The Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) ensures that your confidential information remains confidential by destroying it permanently. After being crushed by the Hard Disk Crusher, the data can never be recovered again. It is much simpler and faster to use the Hard Disk Crusher than it is to reformat a disk or use a degausser.

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Hard Drive Crushers – Liquid Technology – Data Destruction … Learn about hard drive crushers and how data destruction can help protect your business. Liquid Technology only uses industrial grade hard drive crushers.

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Garner Products, Inc. is the trusted, world leading manufacturer of NSA-listed hard drive degaussers, hard drive erasers, hard drive sanitizers, physical hard drive …

SEM Products -

SEM is a leading provider of data destruction solutions. They make powerful machines that are suitable for corporate security and National Security. SEM's line of data destroyers include paper shredders, optical media shredders, degaussers, disintegrators, hard drive crushers and hard drive shredders.

MediaVise Multi-Purpose Hard Disk Drive Crusher (CE Approved)

The Powerful MediaVise Multi-Purpose Hard Disk Drive Crusher is a desktop sanitation solution that crushes, mangles, renders unreadable, and destroys hard disk drives to ensure the information contained is no longer accessible.